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johnnycashflow, post: 262715, member: 79207 wrote:
Ive had my eye on a product comparison website idea for a few years now,

I was looking at something similar to a phone plan, or credit card or insurnace comparison website, I know there are already heaps out there,

Im thinking about designing my own website, paying a programmer, and entering all the data myself and updating it all myself
so for example it if it was a phone plan comparison website, whenver the plans changed I would have to edit it myself manually, which im happy to do , and hopefully I can get some traction

since im tech not savy, is this the way to get a website like this started?

thanks in advance everyone

As others have pointed out already, it would be best in the long term if the content can be kept up to date automatically via APIs etc but you can certainly create an inexpensive website based on Joomla or WordPress etc with custom fields or similar to get started, to prove the concept and to gauge market interest.

I recently created such a website using Joomla, Custom Fields and the free “Tags – Filter Module” extension that enables website visitors to filter products based on key features. You can set up a different Category and associated Custom Fields for each type of product/service you wish to compare. None of this requires a programmer at least to start with.