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I think that it can be cautious, but how about going about this a different way, what about you approach other businesses to form a partnership. I was thinking like children entertainment businesses – the ones where families take their children to indoor funparks, indoor wallclimbing, gocarts etc…And ask them if they would be happy to form a partnership where you can spend the day there taking natural pictures which parents could then purchase if they choose to, and going in families would know that this would be available? This way privacy would be protected. Or you could approach local companies that do tours, or think music festivals or markets – things where you can put in place measures that your upfront about what your doing. Just think logistics though, how do you sell and print them when someone is wanting to buy. How do you track them later on going back through your files. You might need cards to hand out or a way to get their contact details. It could actually be a selling point for the business you partner with too. Might not work but just an option. For me…if someone approached me I’d be a bit weirded out but I would want the pictures because I value the capture of a moment. To know someone is doing it as a business I might however feel a bit odd to know that someone was capturing my private moments – but being the person I am I would pay if it captured something special to me. Other people however i could understand how they might be offended and unhappy. Start with something less invasive and get a feel for it.