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Roman K
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Lucy, this is a great topic and I agree with others it’s up to an individual.

However I believe there are 4 types of people out there:

– they don’t believe in visualizing or becoming more productive

2. Dreamers – believe in the power of imagination and visualisation but often don’t perform well

3. Performers – do not believe in imagination and call it “woo-woo” – too bad for them because all they do is “perform”, there is nothing that ignites them, there is no vision, no power to drive the car of “hard work”

4. Achievers – a mix of the 2 & 3 from the above list – they set clear huge goals and they learn to perform at their peak levels taking it one small step at a time.

Personally I believe vision boards are a must and I totally agree with you Lucy, but in my opinion they should be put together in a structured way. For example using the concept called the wheel of life or something like that – where you first define your main areas in life and then you build the vision board.

This is in line with Stephen Covey’s concept of defining roles in life and beginning with the end in mind as well.

The idea is to still use the power of your imagination and to be inspired daily but structuring this around the most important areas of your life.

Hope this helps.