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Great to see you back [USER=5318]@JamesMillar[/USER], but the mods have being asleep at the wheel so far this year

Ha. Never really left Bert – just a bit disenchanted with the quality of some of the content in the last twelve months. It seems reflective of a broader trend in that every Joe has somehow brainwashed themselves into thinking they will be better off as a business owner than an employee. Everywhere you look there is a new tool or content, ebook, course, platform that somehow persuades the average (or very average) Joe that they can develop a successful business with little money and no additional expertise. I mean some of these people could be persuaded to summit Mount Everest with nothing but a t-shirt on a couple of Protein bars in their pocket. Who needs a professional guide and Sherpa’s when you’ve got Tony Robbins on your side.