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JamesMillar, post: 263971, member: 5318 wrote:
Just have a big meal the night before you start and you’ll be fine. Maybe also google some mounteneering videos you’ll be a pro before sun rise.

[USER=5318]@JamesMillar[/USER] Just to bring the discussion back onto a serious note and your earlier comment (yep it’s Monday), and I know I will get in trouble from the mods for saying this, but IMO the direction this forum has taken since the change in mods (miss you [USER=863]@Jayne Tancred[/USER] ) and the new ownership, it appears that you are only allowed to say good things about every hair brained idea that gets posted, the mods have told me they don’t care if incorrect advise is posted (not their responsibility, but sad when you can’t even question it), . Seems like it’s more a make sure that the advertising appears in front of people, rather then good solid advise which was the previous aim under [USER=5]@Robert Gerrish[/USER].

This may be my last Post so I hope your Chinese new year of the truth bomb goes well.