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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hey [USER=5318]@JamesMillar[/USER]

Good to see you back treading the boards in 2019, always love your insights!

Further to Bert’s comments, yes Flying Solo changed hands late 2017 to join Pinstripe Media which as a few related small business sites – Startup Daily and Kochie’s Business Builders. It’s never an easy transition but we’ve been working hard to keep things rolling as smooth as possible. I’ve come across full time and we’ve kept the same forum moderation team and columnists, but no doubt things evolve, and need to keep doing so. Robert is also still part of the crew looking after podcasts, presenting and advice.

[USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] Bert, as always we still welcome differing opinions and challenging discussions and appreciate that you are not one to hold back an opinion. I think our key difference has been trying to err on the side of being constructive and supportive even when strongly disagreeing.

More broadly James I fully agree that there seems to be a lot more talk around about ‘entrepreneurs’ and a certain category of person that flies down the get rich quick secrets path… and certainly people who get caught up in that as well. I see this all over the social channels more and more (possibly as I follow the business topic) and it frustrates me as well. ‘Puntrepreneur’ is a phrase Robert used a whole back to frame this lottery mentality. While this is not an angle we take at Flying Solo, no doubt this is also being reflected on Flying Solo forum and channels too.

We’ll continue to fight the good fight and discussions like this keep things from swinging too far out of kilter!

And bring on the truth bombs James :)

Cheers, Peter