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I saw countless examples of people accepting dumb rules made up by humans just like us without questioning them and I could just never fathom why they would accept dumb, made up stuff so easily.

Paul, I was at a function last Monday night. Two companies at the event were promoting their vegan burgers. (Taste like meat??? – yeah right, but that’s another story)

Both of these companies were using the tactic of saying that eating meat contributes to climate change. They both quoted what now seems to be the common belief that the meat industry contributes more to climate change than the entire transport industry.

That sounds like a ridiculous situation to me, but hey, I have seen other outlandish claims that actually appear to be true. (Case in point – It has been suggested China poured more concrete from 2011-2013 than the US did in the whole of the 20th Century – commonly quoted where I am and haven’t seen anything that disputes this. An almost unbelievable stat if it is true.)

Because it sounds outlandish, the next day I did a bit of research and read some other information on the subject. I read this article that suggests the climate change argument is flawed, and has subseguently been changed.


Most have heard the argument of meat being such a large contributor to climate change, how many have heard of the retraction?

That, in my mind, goes some way towards answering your comment. Anything from only reading the headline and not the whole story, to just believing what falls inline with our own beliefs.

Having said that, I don’t put myself about all this. I spent 16 years in banking and cannot say I didn’t obediently follow the rules mostly, especially in my early days when I had no authority and limited experience.. I did however have quite a few occasions where I was admonished for taking a common sense approach to situations where the rules didn’t seem to be quite right.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s though we weren’t living in a world where everyone is apparently innovative and disruptive.