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Jason Ramage
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All information is right, Bert is on the money..

Food for thought, you mention you needed to change your abn to a partnership as you were selling stuff around the house? is this correct? Does this mean you registered an ABN to sell the odd thing around the house?

Moving on… If it is a partnership, note that your ebay account can not change hands from you as a person to a partnership (several reasons around entity but more so about ebay which i wanted to raise) merely by changing your abn…

Change of ownership is actually quite tricky with ebay accounts and if it was actually a profitable business and the ebay side of it is a going concern in the business model, i would advise you review the change of ownership documentation and make sure that you are a ok with everything – because as it stands, the partnership means nada to the ebay registration and you as the person (if that is how it was originally established) is the sole owner of the account and also bears the responsibility of it..

Just seen many a person overlook this and think its a simple process, but ebay has their own process to follow..

Again, apologies, not adding value to the OP although hope it is something you have already thought about..


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