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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Great question [USER=91321]@CoryBee[/USER]!

People make judgements before they witness your actual electrical work. So if you can get your early interactions right you can win a lot of trust in your professionalism before you start.

Before the job
-Return calls promptly.
-Be regimented about times – whenever you promise to phone back or send a quote or to visit, nominate a specific time.
-Show up on time.
-Confirm when you’re on your way. Even a text.
-Notify if you’re going to be late and own it if you are – apologise properly and give a discount to prove you’re more than talk.

On the job
-Keep them informed. Explain the issues and what you’re doing.
-Clean up after yourself
-Charge for the correct amount of time (or less – round down!)
-Any small acts of generosity or going the extra yard. Throw in something for free.
-Ask for feedback after first job (shows you care). Gives you more opportunities to improve and great for collecting testimonials.

There are lots and lots of opportunities because most service providers don’t realise that their actual technical work is only a minor part of their service. I have no clue whether my last electrician did a good job of the power-points he fixed, but I could easily write you a couple of pages about their level of professionalism and care for their customer (or lack of).

Best of luck!