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I agree completely with you Rowan that reputation is everything.

In fact, I just had such a problem with my bank recently that, not only did it inconvenience me, but my inability to access my accounts affected my relationship with someone I owed money, and couldn’t pay in a timely manner. The article I am about to write ain’t going to be nice, and my complaint has reached the banking ombudsman.

I know I am not necessarily representative of the norm, but I simply don’t trust anyone until such time as I have either gotten to know them, or experience their actions, specifically what they do when something goes wrong. I don’t know someone from reading their embellished story on a website.

I still believe online/tech is nothing but fluff when it comes to dealing with others doing business. At some point you deal with people and all the good reviews, great reputation management, means absolutely jack if I am the 1 out of 10 that has a problem and it is not resolved.

On the other side, I am also not a believer in people using social media as a tool to complain, unless it has got to the point where there is no other choice than to publicise the issue. I don’t agree with the article you listed when it says to “offer to make it right”, by offering freebies etc., unless it is truly warranted. There are plenty out there who have found social media a great way to vent whenever they feel slighted, rightly or wrongly, and I have no problem with a company pushing back when the complaint is unwarranted.