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I hear what you are saying but sometimes you aren’t able to get get to know someone before using their services so reviews can be a valuable tool. But my point is not about trusting online reviews but how a business responds to complaints either online or offline. I don’t trust any business if I can’t find out more about them than is on their website.

I am not saying that every idea in those couple of link examples is right, it all depends on the circumstances, and sometimes giving freebies to mollify a customer is the right thing, and sometimes not. often just admitting fault is enough.

If, in my case, I sold some seed to a market gardener and it didn’t germinate well then my customer might be not only inconvenienced but also out of pocket as they might have now missed their sowing window or be forced to fail to meet a contract. In that case I would definitely offer more seed of something more expensive that they can use to make up the shortfall, both to compensate them and because my reputation with other growers would be put in jeopardy, let alone wanting to keep a current customer.

As a rule I always research online any business I want a relationship with, whether as a customer or a supplier simply so everyone is on the same page when negotiations begin and no misunderstandings occur later on. It makes things so much easier.