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Hi [USER=28171]@Rowan @ GardenLarder[/USER] .

Reputation is about trust in your business, and what you say you are going to do is actually what you do.

Unfortunately, there are times where things don’t always go right, such as [USER=34822]@Johny[/USER] experienced. This was out of his control and negatively affected another relationship, however it is important to consider that something similar may have happened further up the chain. In the end, the important thing is did they try to make it right, and was there good communication in dealing with the issue.

Maintaining an eye on your reputation, and responding to people who review is important, for both negative and positive reviews. I do agree with Johny that sometimes it is easy for individuals to complain about issues that were not really issues, however it is these cases that are usually the most important to deal with. Some pushback can be warranted however care should be taken with the specific language used to do this.