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Dont give up because of others comments, why are you listening to all the negativity, lead magnets and list building work.
the assumption here is you are giving junk??? I am dumfounded by these comments.

I like your niche approach, forget about telling everyone how wonderful you are as most do.

Its all about your customer and the value you can offer, ask yourself these questions
and make yourself the guide, go to person for solving. Then write your lead magnet and articles accordingly

What does your customer want?

What’s the external problem they are dealing with?

What’s the internal problem? (How is the external problem making them feel?)

What empathetic statement can your brand make toward your customer’s internal problem?

Why are you an authority to solve your customer’s problem?

What’s your plan to ease your customer’s fear and confusion?

What is the direct call to action?

What does life look like for your customer if you solve their problem?

Set up an autoresponder series offering value, after all you are building relationships not trying to sell, the spin off of this has many benefits