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The Bearded Lawyer
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Hi Storyxl,

Thank you! That is some excellent feedback, I really appreciate it.

I must say that I was disheartened initially, but the response I’ve had to the blog in the last few weeks has largely overtaken that.

I like to think that the content I am posting is (hopefully) addressing some of those questions you mention. It seems to be resonating, as I’ve had about a dozen coffee catch-ups in the last few weeks resulting from blog introductions (and a few of those have already converted!). So my strategy at the moment seems to be a blend between online and offline engagement.

I think I’ll revisit the list building aspect in the new year, taking on board your suggestions. My goal is to get up to speed with Mailchimp during the holiday break.

Thanks again for the feedback, and all the best for the festive season.