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Hey Sami :)

I am in the legal space also (specifically IP and more specifically trade marks) and blogs in our area are tough! It’s a fine balance between what WE know clients (or prospects or visitors) SHOULD read and know versus what is actually readable and engaging.. I know a lot of firms’ blogs are full of “here’s the latest Federal Court decision on XYZ matter” and similar, which is hardly a thrilling read for most. Thinking of topics is an additional challenge!

What I have learnt thanks to amazing SEO professionals from this forum actually is two main things:

a) What do people ask and want to know about?
b) The answers (via the blog) to (a) need to be personable and conversational rather than ‘legalese’.

I have previously done the “top 5 things…” style posts and can tell you from analytics that they have not worked nearly as well as posts based on answering actual human questions (from an SEO and prospect/database building perspective).

All the best :)