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Trent Tran
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TonyM81, post: 263197, member: 112657 wrote:
Hi All,

I would like to ask the fellow audience if any of you are earning a 2nd income online aside from your regular 9-5 job. I am currently struggling to come up with ideas however I am very vigilant because there are so many scams.



It is true that there are many scams
To start a business, it requires money.
However, to earn a second income, you may not need money but time and effort.
For example, as many others have mentioned, start a Youtube Channel, talking about your IT stuff (hardware and software from your previous post). Under the description, you can link your affiliate Amazon to earn a small commission if someone decided to buy.

There is another way, develop your high-income skill like public speaking, copywriting. Again, you do not need money to get started but if you are serious, you will need to do some courses to perfect it.

[USER=112657]@TonyM81[/USER] , assuming your background is IT computer software and hardware, if you know the industry pain and you know your stuff, you will find the opportunity. For example, a small gift shop with a cash register only will experience some issues:

  • Stock reconciliation
  • Item selling history
  • Best selling items
  • …….

Imagine being a rep for a software company (no need to be fulltime, commission based only), you see the pain of the local shop owner, and you can solve his issue. You can get a 10% to 30% cut from software as well as the hardware deal. Say, for example, $5000 packages in this case, you can earn around $1000 on an average per deal, you can do it part-time only.