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Navi, post: 263228, member: 113104 wrote:
Hi, i would like to get some opinions on couple of questions.

1. I’m solo trader with GST register. i regularly lodge my Bas quarterly.
But I’ve send few invoices to my client without GST,
My overall ABN income of FY 17/18 = $35K, (has paid Gst of 40% of this income)
And PAYG $40K
So total is around : $75828 (margin above the $75K bar)
Please advise. Do i need to pay GST on invoices which i didn’t charge to my client from my pocket?

2. Now i’ve two ABN, one as solo trader and one as Pty Ltd company.
solo trader ABN is registered for GST and Pty Ltd ABN is not registered for GST
If combining both income its well over $75K bar.
But each of them is under $75K bar.

Do i need to register Pty Ltd to GST as well. Or i can only pay GST for my solo trader ABN.
I mean ATO combine both incomes (both ABN of one person) and then count it as $75K or look for every ABN regardless person identity.

Please advise.

I agree 200% with [USER=28171]@Rowan @ GardenLarder[/USER] go see an accountant before you issue one more receipt.

It may be the way you have written it.

But if you are registered for GST you should not be issuing invoices without GST

Plus I am not sure how you can be paying 40% GST.

As I said it may be the way you have explained it.

Go see an accountant, now