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Thank you both for your comments.

LucasArthur, post: 267634, member: 34537 wrote:
…may need to look at custom stuff like northgate or other larger FREIGHT not courier services.. also comes down to local loading and unloading if forklifts avail etc which will cause problems if not.. Most that do this work, custom ship (themselves) as they install as well..
Yes, I’m after a freight company. I understand couriers mainly carry smaller items. The average size our our ‘packages’ (the larger of which are on pallets) is generally around the 140cm x 8cm x (100cm – 430cm) with an average weight between 25-50kgs. (I’ve uploaded a photo of some items). Forklifts are available at this end however I think the sticking point has been that although they can be moved relatively easily by hand, or by 2 people for the larger gates or garden arches, manual handling is a pain in the proverbial for freight companies. Most of our items can be top loaded. As for “most that do this work…”, very few gate makers ship interstate and thus do not install. Local makers do, however they don’t need the services of an interstate freight company. What we do is niche, specialising in heritage gates (and blacksmithing).

LucasArthur, post: 267634, member: 34537 wrote:
Will think about it more over the next few days, dont like the most positive of outcomes though.. Might be handy if we know your journey so far though?

Thank you. I’m not sure what you mean by the “journey”? Do you mean where we’ve shipped, or who we’ve used to move our items since 2007?

zayd687, post: 267652, member: 72406 wrote:
Specifically what are you moving?
Nobody will touch it if it’s loose due to the liability of damaging the goods. Pack it in a container / palletise it and yeah you can move it through intermodal.
I described what we move in quite a bit of detail in the original post – gates, garden arches, steel garden products (check out our website http://www.farmweld.com.au ). Larger items are always on pallets and well protected. We’ve been shipping our items for 12 years.

zayd687, post: 267652, member: 72406 wrote:
You need the right broker , as it takes alot of time to co ordinate it, including getting the insurance out…Most forwarders just dont take it on. Unless its us, then we end up taking it on because sometimes people just need help. Can be done, but couple grand easy for the move.
We’re just looking for carriers who can do the major towns, especially along the eastern seaboard, Canberra and surrounds. Insurance is not an issue as clients are advised that shipping is at their own risk, as none of our previous carriers included insurance. Delivery direct to our customers would be great, however most can collect from a depot at their closest regional town. We’re currently using Land Transport however being charged a pallet rate rather than a volumetric figure is quite expensive, especially if it’s for a small item, say 140x8x100cm (~25kgs). Land Tpt mainly travel inland which leaves a huge gap around the Hunter Valley and down below Sydney, through to Canberra and to the Victorian border, from where we get many enquiries. We can arrange for items to be shipped to an Adelaide depot for collection by any carrier.

I just wondered how people who move furniture do so at a reasonable cost?