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IronMaiden, post: 268766, member: 17814 wrote:
Thanks for your reply Sue. As per the original post, many of our customers are 80km or more from major freight centres. 95% of our customers are in the country, not the city, hence the issue with freighting. Land Transport who we now use, cover the major cities, but it’s the regional areas that are not covered adequately. We don’t have the time or resources to be chasing carriers in every location around Australia – of which there are thousands. Most of our enquiries come from Qld, NSW and Victoria. NSW in particular is difficult as Land Transport, do not cover the east coast including Newcastle. Mainfreight used to be great as they had a huge network of on-forwarders and could cover nearly everywhere.

Hey mate,
Seems like there is quite abit of missed work that you could possibly gain out there. If you would like you can send me an email. Just give me the most difficult rural places you got , volumes / weights, even if it’s from an old job. Can it be forked on or off the truck off? Can the receiver forklift it off the truck? Palletised or not. We have quite a good network and what i can do is comeback to you with price figures. You can tell me whether we’re in the ball park on price to win your business and can work on it.

I think you just need somebody to help you build that line up into the country. If other Gatemakers are struggling to do it, it’s perhaps a good venture. Could possibly use a mix of rail and road really. Thank you