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Perhaps old fashioned, but I would prepare a PR release … ideally with a backgrounder with a case study. Then I would make direct (phone) contact with all the relevant e.g. NRMA, Seniors Magazine and regional newspaper editors in your demographic target. All have digital versions as well .. so fingers crossed a double hit.

Check out possible speaking engagements for a ‘general’ talk about sharing memories. There are many seniors groups (e.g. check out large shopping centres as they often have community group gatherings).

As others have said, it is perhaps the 40 or 50 somethings that may be keen to record their parents stories.

Perhaps some seniors expos ?

Partners .. do you photographic/film as well as record? Perhaps a partnership with photographer to offer a package i.e. photo session with family history. Even contacting companies that specialise in downsizing may be a good partnership.

All the best ..