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Though not a lawyer, I can speak as someone that has worked with lawyers on matters similar to this within the digital industry.

Web hosts do take notice of copyright claims very seriously, are aware of copyright laws as it’s an important part of the service they provide their clients, and thus the two things that need to be determined for them to take action are:
1) Proof of authorship.
2) Proof (or a lack thereof) that copyright has been transferred from the author/designer to another person.

I could prove #1, and the client could not show #2 (because there was nothing to show) hence they paid. If they had not paid, I am fairly confident there could only have been two possible outcomes:
a) The web host would take down their site.
b) The client could produce some faked evidence/document showing that I had signed over copyright to them.

If #b had happened then I would have had to pursue legal action to take it any further, the host then would likely not have been able to make a call. But unless #b happened then going on past experiences in this area, action would likely have been taken by the web host without the need for me to engage a lawyer.