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There is, IMO, two components to this question..

Firstly, it’s about earning enough to keep up with the cost of living… only you can answer this

Secondly, this is a more discreet side of it although are you charging enough and how much you can charge as a percentage increase for your wage?

Really, I think you need to input all business costs (inc your wages and so forth) and then work it backwards about how many hours you work and so forth to come down to a base cost requirement to be charged per hour.. funnily, I think there is a tool here in FS?

It’s not about just increasing it on a regular basis, but you are right about keeping up with living… devils advocate though, most business services can only burden so much per hour – and just because an owner wants a BMW or a yacht (not saying you) doesn’t mean you have to charge more per hour? Maybe you need to explore leveraging other people’s labour to make money

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