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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 263476, member: 1 wrote:
BUT, in my opinion, the reason for Bert’s question, and the cynicism that many people have around marketing/marketers, is because of the false promises that are made by some in the industry. It’s as you’ve pointed out, “I’ve seen small business owners be promised everything under the sun only to be left in the dark”, it’s this sort of thing which makes people skeptical!

[USER=1]@Peter – FS Administrator[/USER] you have hit the nail on the head, when people start touting 300% ROI, 30K additional turnover in 3 days, etc, etc, you start to think, well if they are that good, why cant they offer a guarantee of service. Or is it just a case they have fluked that on 2 clients, but the other 200 were left out of pocket.

The big problem I see with marketers is they come in, do their flim flammery, but it could be months or longer before the business may even see an impact if any at all. By that time the marketer has collected their fee, and moved on. It’s the poor business owner left with a potentially huge bill, if the marketer fails with their pitch. In my and a lot of other service business’s and even retail the client can see the outcome before coughing up the hard earned cash, but with marketing it’s a wing and a prayer and often inflated marketing.