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My take is as follows on small business.

11 years ago I began my public accounting practice in Melbourne after doing the rounds as a temporary accountant for a number of agencies for 12 years previously.

The key principle I learned very quickly was that in order to survive and thrive the small business and its owner must be adaptable to changes.

Whether it be accountants, IT people, marketing, trades, services or anything. What I did 11 years ago is not completed in precisely the same manner or methods as those methods employed today.

For example, cloud online accounts software that’s all the rage with accountants these days was not in existence ten years or eleven years ago.

Old methods get replaced and newer methods become available. Nothing stays the same.

One project I’m currently planning out is a set of changes to my business online presence.

Especially the copy on my website, which is very general or bland in nature to the point the current copy is too ambiguous.

I credit one man on this forum for daringly providing constructive feedback on this .Hi Bert!

The moral of the story is people are the focus of small business and not more money. Yes I actually said this as an accountant!

If people just stopped to realise money is a tool to live and not life itself , they’d be happy.

So to answer your question, small business is not dead.

It’s evolving.