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Whole food chain traceablility and accountability is a big thing right now and the government is pursuing that aim in every aspect of of the food industry.

No-one can escape it. In the agricultural industry an animal is traced through every part of its life from birth through slaughter through to where the meat is sold through electronic ear tags and pic numbers.
And every person and business in the chain is responsible not only for their part but also for the link before and after, and can be prosecuted if something goes wrong

This is already being implemented in the retail part of the chain and although it is not as obvious everyone has responsibility in the same way. Businesses have already been fined when they have sold food that was not ‘right’ in some way – usually over contamination within their part of the chain.

You have a responsibility to your customers and cannot blame others if you haven’t done all you can to make sure the food you supply is safe and clean.