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bb1, post: 263590, member: 53375 wrote:
Just a thought as an Ebay user, who thinks a lot of how they do things suck, but also having many years experience with a large corporate knowing what was involved with software development, and the dollars involved.

Well maybe 2 thoughts.

1. A free (or cheap) solution like wix’s wont cut the mustard for anything that is going to look like an Ebay.

2. Ebay has spent Mega dollars building their platform.

3. Most parents aren’t in a position to support the development of an Ebay like solution.

4. Maybe stick to your stock trading, it’s a more enjoyable way of getting smashed then throwing your money at and Ebay solution, I have seen at least 2 on here over the years, I still await them to overtake Ebay, in fact I suspect they have disappeared down the gurgler.

Thank you so much for your concern and well probably quite logical advice. However I do believe that I have a few other things that will be added to avisoshop to give it some what of a competitive edge to the online retail game. Thank you again but my 15 year old optimistic brain isn’t going to quit no matter how many times I get sat down. Regards Ben!