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Trudy Rankin
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bb1, post: 263739, member: 53375 wrote:
Nope you have just told me some of your links, but what old habits should we be unlearning,

Oh, got it. It wasn’t clear from your question what you meant.

As an employee, I always had a team around me. That was great from a social and work perspective.

There was always someone to talk with. And when tasks came up that I didn’t immediately have the skills to do, there was always someone else who could help out and I could do the same for them.

And as a manager, I had a PA who kept me organised and in the right place at the right time.

When I set up my own business, I had to organise myself. And I had to learn how to find out all the answers for myself … and then do the work. I had to set up my own schedule of work, instead of relying on my boss or my team to decide what we were working on.

And I had to find different ways of finding people to interact with.

Nothing earth shattering. Just a different way of working.