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Trudy Rankin
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Hi, [USER=37122]@MattSull[/USER]

I started out on Wix, creating several websites and still have my main website there. I also have a number of other websites that I built for myself using WordPress. I wish now that I had put in the effort from the very beginning to learn WordPress.

Why? because it’s easier to set up the SEO properly in WordPress and it is more flexible.

Re being able to maintain your website yourself, I think you would be better to change WordPress themes/editors than to switch to Wix. I use Elegant Themes’ Divi editor and find it really easy to use.

Re the question about whether your SEO people can do as good of a job on the Wix platform, I agree with [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] … you’d be better to ask them and see what they say.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Trudy