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Roman K
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Zava Design, post: 263883, member: 34615 wrote:
Aside from the bad SEO with Wix, if you want to migrate to another platform at a later date, it is EXTREMELY difficult to do so

Totally agree with you here in terms of migrating and importance of strategic planning.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the person asking the question well enough and their situation to prescribe solutions on what to do next in their business and whether or not SEO must be tackled right now.

I worked with business owners who needed to address much more important problems first.

All I am saying is that sometimes business owners get concerned about things that can be handled later such as business cards, logos, SEO, etc before even validating the business idea.

But I totally agree with you on the importance of SEO for many businesses when the timing is right and if more important aspects of the business have been sorted out.