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Not really Johny. not everyone is patient or willing to go out and deal with all the things they need. using someone else a third party is not a reason to assume the process is too hard.

In a general sense you get my full agreement.

Here we are talking about people who consider they are in that much need they are seeking provision of taxpayer money.for support – and they don’t have the patience to do the work to get it?

If they are prepared to ask for $100, but payout $20 for someone else to do the legwork, then they don’t need $100.

even people who can’t nagivate to specific websites without having there “IT” set shortcuts for the bank/gmail/facebook access on the desktop. may have other skills that work well for them in areas I could see myself paying them to do so.

If someone can’t navigate a website then either they shouldn’t be in business, or, as mentioned, the process is too complicated.

I should say I fully agree with people getting support in circumstances such as drought as I have seen the result, not only from primary producers, but the effect it has on small communities. But that then requires the money going to where it is intended.

Mate, we all have opinions so that’s fair enough. It would be boring if they were always the same.