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James, people have been ripping off govt (and others) forever. Tax office, CES, eachother, and it goes on. Even get complaints about people ripping off the self service at woollies these days? Someone has, and always will find a way if they want to.

Noone who gets paid to do something (get grants approved for example) has ever fudged an application???

I have never said the process has to be simple.You want a grant, prove it. If you want a grant for drought assistance there are avenues to prove you need it. You make it sound like I am suggesting people log into a website ask for money and it just spits out somewhere.

What I am saying is that if someone wants a grant then they should be able to complete the process. Something like doing your taxes/applying for a loan – everyone has the ability to do their own taxes if they wish, but the circumstances are different from a grant in that you decide how to spend your own money, and have the ability to pay an accountant.

The days of simple are long gone? What on earth is the internet if it isn’t a medium for making things simple, or at least simpler.???

But that’s beside the point.

Some here feel it is warranted to take a cut out of money for someone who needs it, and pay it to someone to apply for the grant. I feel the system needs to be such that those who need it are able to apply themselves.

There is a lawyer in the marketing section asking about lead magnets. Instead of a lawyer/accountant or any other professional writing “5 things you can do……” blog posts, imagine the goodwill and positive reputation reinforcement they would get from actually doing something for someone as part of the community, rather than just telling them about it? Done right, some of the best advertising they could do.

Anyway we won’t agree so much of all this is moot.

As for the politicians – straw man argument there.

In any case, if you look at arguments by the likes of Matt Canavan about his citizenship, there are some contentious things there that offer an example of why this is not such a joke.