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A bit of genuine, honest feedback here…

1) “Coding” or programming is not “website design”. So what exactly are you learning, and what is the goal/objective you have set yourself to reach?

2) Two months is not long enough to be a professional anything, unless you’re some kind of genius. Walk before you run… I would focus on spending a LOT more time learning the skills you need to get to a level for even entry level work.

3) Before even thinking about providing a service to someone’s business that could impact (possibly negatively) their business, you should be able to show that you have a level of skill to deliver a “professional” level of service. That would involve first working on and completing personal projects, including (eventually) your own site and/or other projects you can show to prospective clients/employers.

Seriously, you could damage someone’s business if you deliver a sub-standard service, really keep that in mind.

4) Once you reach a skill level where your work is nearing professional, reach out to non-profits that truly cannot afford to pay a professional, be able to explain to them why they need a new site, and exactly what you can do for them. If you are unable to do this then you are not at the level to be reaching out to anyone other than friends or similar.

It’s great to be enthusiastic about starting a new career, but be very aware of how your work can impact on those you service, and the hard work required if you truly do want to make a success of your new career objectives.

In short, be professional about becoming a professional.