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Hi Clinton,

First of all, there is way too much info and dense blocks of text, people just aren’t going to be bothered reading it all on the web.

Imagine a ten-year-old with ADHD is reading your page, that is what the average web users attention span is like.

Try to keep lines of text no more than 2-3 lines, use bullet points to break things down. Use more attractive images.

Secondly, it is always harder to sell high priced product/service to a cold lead, you need to earn their attention first. Try offering something for free, like a trial or at least low priced product $5-$20 at first, build trust and relationships with your leads.

Try to focus your landing page on one offer.

Know your demographic, who are they? who would buy from you, i.e. 55 – Female – Australia, affluent, adult children, married. How do they engage online? tailor the landing page to speak to them not how you think.

Get them into your email sales funnel and scale on from your offer over time from low-mid to high priced plans.

Also, when advertising on Facebook try to make your offer and ad novelty or conversation starter. People don’t go onto Facebook to look for services and info it is a social platform, people like to share cool, funny or interesting posts they are passionate about.

If you were to go through the route of cold selling higher priced items I would go through Google Adwords instead rather than Facebook.