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Hi Clinton,

I love this idea of recording a family history. It’s something we talked about for my wife’s late grandfather who led a fascinating life. We wrote up the story and did a few video interviews as well, but a package like this would have been perfect.

My gut feel is that your pricing looks very reasonable and the presentation of the service is good. It is a very niche product and quite a big investment, so perhaps a tricky one to sell ‘cold’ via a paid ad. Although the idea of targeting people with an interest also makes sense! I imagine word-of-mouth would be effective but it can be slower.

It’s not something I’ve delved into, but I assume there would be social media groups, forums and communities specifically related to this topic, one option could be to get involved, genuinely, in these communities and become the expert on putting together this sort of material.

One other thought was to get a compilation of testimonials from happy customers. For example family members of your clients who are really happy with the results… filming them saying nice things about the benefits and joy of the process.

In terms of a sample, I see this business https://www.heirloomfilms.ca/family-history/ (US I think) have put together an eBook “10 Simple Steps to Sharing Your Life Story and Your Family History”. Something like that could be an option for generating leads for interested people.

Trial and error is often really the only way.

All the best with the business. Peter