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Done with a decent amount of thought, I reckon the gallery/café concept is a great match. Not my thing, but I can see some logic in the meeting of the two above just diversifying the income stream.

My business (Hong Kong based) has traditionally been involved with sourcing products out of China. For the last couple of years some circumstances have arisen that have taken us in a completely different direction – importing some Australian foods into Hong Kong.

We are still doing the sourcing, but our business is evolving and we are doing more importing of a growing range of products.

I tend to think the basics are pretty much the same in every business (networking/selling etc), but it has involved a whole bunch of learning new things, developing new relationships and the usual.

A lot more risk in terms of us having to have stock available, but this new challenge is something I am really enjoying. Of course one thing is accepting the time it takes to get up and running and building some sort of trust within a new environment… but that’s part of the challenge.

Good luck and hope it goes well.