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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Daniel,

As a general comment I would say that many many businesses will pivot and evolve – often quite dramatically – away from the original vision. Sometimes this can be forced upon you by changes in circumstances and other times new opportunities crop up that lead to a new product or service that wasn’t previously on the plans.

So I do think there is merit in considering big changes, especially when you appear to have concluded that the gallery on its own may not be viable.

If the cafe addition enables you to pursue your passion for the gallery (which may otherwise not be feasible) then it has the potential to achieve the end goal of a profitable business that you are passionate about.

Having said that, as others have mentioned, you’d want to go into the cafe with as much thought/planning as possible. You don’t have to take the space just because it is in the budget. But any new business is a risk, especially a new offering, so it will also come down to what you are comfortable investing and how long you give yourself to get it cranking!

There do seem to be a lot of cafe / retail businesses around so it’s certainly worth a look.

Good luck and keep us posted!