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Zava Design, post: 263752, member: 34615 wrote:
They could employ a chef, no? I know of a couple of cafe owners that didn’t do the cooking themselves, worked out okay for them.

Yep I agree, but leads to 2 things, hiring a chef or even just someone who can throw together some decent food isn’t cheap, and Dan states that a café was never on the horizon, so would he even know what to look for in a chef/cook or where to start in setting up a café.

The other question is why is this space available with all the setup done, did it work previously or was it a failure, and Dan is just throwing away more money.

I agree it could work, but by reading the original post, there has being no research done (ok he posted here, I guess thats research), but is already in contract negotiations. Does that sound a good way to startup any business, but in particular a café with all it’s inherent issues.