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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the awesome posts, including the ones where your business has successfully pivoted.

The Cafe is being heavily researched. Previous Cafe at the location that failed – The owner made multiple mistakes, including, not providing sugar for the coffee’s because it ruined the taste, sitting paying the lease for a year before opening to get food permits, leasing the entire 3 storey building and not subleasing the other floors out, and lastly, when he finally opened the doors, he had 3 days fo trade before the council shut down the main road to implement a Light Rail that killed all of the traffic. (since completed).

Hospitality and Cooking – I have a hospitality background, having been a chef 12 or so years ago. Saying that, we don’t think we want to cook much, if we can even get a permit to do anything serious food wise, we believe (and are confirming) that the permit is only to provide light meals.

Synchronous businesses – The cafe will hopefully pay it’s own way at least, and possibly provide a small profit. By paying it’s own way, it allows us to have the gallery open whether we are there or not (7 days a week staffing the current gallery SUCKS). The rent is reasonable, it could probably standalone as either a gallery or a cafe, hopefully with both businesses operating it the rent becomes a negligible cost.

Neither of us really had a passion or a dream of starting a Cafe, but we think we can make it work. We believe that treating it more as a business prospect than a dream we will actually make better business decisions about it.

We have other options – There is a property across the road that is up for lease for less than half of this premises, but it’s quite small and would only just be suitable for a Gallery alone – We just don’t want to be sitting there or staffing it with no-one walking through the door, at least with the Cafe we are hoping to drive traffic.