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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Greg,

Thanks for joining and welcome to the forums :)

I can see where you are heading with this concept. The idea of small businesses joining forces certainly has merit – I’ve seen this with group buying and industry membership groups etc.

My first thought is that a more formal set up like this would lead to challenges on agreeing direction, plans etc etc … people who run their own business tend to be very independent and strong-willed! Even partnerships with close colleagues and friends need a lot of caution.

However, the idea of teaming up with others in your industry – could call them ‘competitors’ – is such a good one I think. We’ve done that for years in the copywriting space less formally. I’ve been involved in a few private groups and we share clients, overflow work, tips, ideas, rants and even have regular xmas party.

As a starting point, setting up a private group online – be on Slack or Facebook for example – could be a nice way to test the waters and share the benefits of the concept??

Good luck with the ventures and thanks for getting involved!