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Lucy Kippist
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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 263795, member: 1 wrote:
Hi Lucy,

The Magic of Tidying up seems to be making a second massive boom! I watched one episode on Netflix and to be honest it did seem like a lot of people rolling up towels for a lot of the time :)

But, having said that I have been slightly on board the minimalism bandwagon recently, so I do love a good clear out!

Personally I like a totally clear workspace/desktop but don’t really mind a fair bit of clutter around the room. If I’m doing a writing project I sometimes chuck everything off the desk and onto the floor! I also like the freedom of taking a laptop to the library where there are no domestic distractions.

So I’d be on the clutter-free end of the spectrum but my office never quite looks like the ones on Instagram!

Cheers, Peter

Ha! Love the escape to the library idea, Peter! I too enjoy going to the library for a break from my house.

Ditto using the floor or a chair to “file” excess stuff from the desk.

Out of sight, out of mind!