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Byron Trzeciak
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Link earning is a funny one! I’ve not seen any small business capable of developing a “link earning” based strategy.

In 80% of all cases the content businesses produce is mediocre, it’s never going to be a link worthy piece. Another 10-15% of articles are going to be solid, in depth pieces that are no fluff and contribute value from the owners experience, again these are unlikely to generate links but they should generate traffic and leads which in reality is likely what you’re looking for and probably doesn’t require links to be successful anyway.

5% of content (probably less is going to be ‘link worthy’) but in most cases from what I’ve seen that’s reserved by websites that have a solid team around them to produce great content and an existing audience to promote within.

Even if your content is in the 5% it still might not earn links on it’s own, 90% of the effort needs to go into your outreach and marketing but it’s completely unscalable if it’s just you doing it.

My thoughts are as follows:

1) Local citations and business directories – 20 or so of the best ones.
2) Reverse engineering competitors – use a tool like Ahrefs to dump out 10-20 of the top competitors.
3) Search operator queries to find niche guest blog and content ops – Massive list here by ahrefs
4) Paid links – There are companies that specialise in blogger outreach so for a fee you can pay for links on real sites either by providing content or some that will provide it for you (none of that PBN cr@p!). Be wary here, if you don’t know what justifies a good link then you could get in deep quickly.

There are so many travel blogs out there it’s crazy, using 2-3 should get you plenty of ops.

I don’t think social is an effective link strategy either, most businesses don’t have an audience to engage with and it’s becoming very much a pay to play should you wish to build one (travel facebook groups would be a good place to start if you don’t get booted for spamming).

The travel industry is a fairly hungry content audience so that likely works in your favour.