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Byron Trzeciak
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Zava Design, post: 263876, member: 34615 wrote:
I don’t agree. For a travel company especially, 100% you should have a Facebook page (which from the start you get all your friends to like, and then grow from there), where you should be posting travel deals, articles and the like, hopefully of the kind that will promote sharing and/or liking (ie, “10 small European towns to visit this summer”). And apart from the organic growth then using Facebook advertising to boost the posts that will have a higher chance of being liked and shared by those that see it.

I think 80% or more of all content is mediocre, if you promote mediocre content then all you’re going to do is waste your money. Sure, you might pick up a few followers or likes but what benefit is that?

If you promote your articles without any specific goals in mind then you’re going to waste money too! Most of the paid article promotions I find are in the 5% (great content) and know that if they can get you to their article there’s a good chance they can get you to optin or find a way to interact with you again in the future.

Zava Design, post: 263876, member: 34615 wrote:
This will all add to the SEO for the site/pages linked to.

Nothing on social will add to your SEO on it’s own. Sure, maybe you get some links from the promotion as a byproduct, which would be incredibly rare for a flying solo style business, but nothing you described will have any impact on your SEO.