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Byron Trzeciak
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Zava Design, post: 263890, member: 34615 wrote:
there’s enough evidence that Google certainly does factor in social media “signals” of various kinds, including maintaining a business page that has some engagement from users and includes relevant keywords in the created posts linking back to your site.

Can you point me in the direction of some of that evidence? Social has never factored into my SEO processes and i’ve not read anything recently to say otherwise.

[QUOTE=”Zava Design, post: 263890, member: 34615″
And ANY content should be quality content, if it’s mediocre then that’s the issue to address before anything else. I thought that went without saying…

I think therein lies the problem, I think most business owners aren’t able to be critical of their own work which often translates into bad strategies such as:

  • Paid promotion of poor quality articles
  • Paid promotion for likes and shares
  • Paid promotion without any goals

I bring it back to the context of the original post and for backlinks social would be the last place i’d look.