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There’s so much nonsense written about links it really isn’t funny, the majority of Flying Soloists are probably not going to need any if they have a good informative website and are concentrating on local business. On the other hand if you’re trying to get ranked for ‘hotels in Sydney’ you’re unlikely to manage that without some great backlinks.

While many including myself might suggest checking out your competitors links we rarely talk about what needs to happen next and the average FS’er won’t be able to identify a good link from a bad one.

Many site owners will not even realise that many directories, press release and media sites use nofollow on their outgoing links making those links absolutely useless for SEO purposes. They confer no value at all in Google’s eyes.

If I find it I’ll link it but I recall one of the Googlers (possibly John Mueller) saying that the vast majority of links to a site do absolutely nothing for the target site and it is difficult for most of us to guess which backlinks are providing a boost to the target site. That’s partly because there is potential that a link from A to B would give a boost to B but adding a link from A to C would not necessarily give C the same boost.

Others have said it already here, try to write the best content you can. One of the most basic principles of SEO is the larger the site content, the greater the potential catch. In addition to having the fishing net, you can also use your site content for internal links, they can be quite influential and they are links you have complete control over.