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ShaneWalker, post: 265737, member: 114619 wrote:
Creating Content For The Wrong Person – This is by far the biggest killer. The majority of people create content for their customers. Yet in most instances your customers don’t have a website and have no way of linking to you.

The primary goal of content is to stand out and appeal to the influences and authorities in your industry. It should also be of value to a customer but it is the influencer who has the power to link to you!

What the, are we for real, it seems that everyday on FS their is some post saying .you shouldnt be talking to the customer, or you shouldnt be doing something for the customer, or forget the customer. I ask the question, what are we in business for?, who pays our Mortgage at the end of the day? Last time I checked the CUSTOMER was number 1, 2 and 3 on that hitlist.

Google or the influencers (I just love that terminology), have never once put a single cent (real money) towards my business, and I would hazard a guess they have never contributed a single cent towards 99.999% of our business’s. In fact last time I checked they weren’t even contributing to the tax take as much as most business’s, but thats another story I guess.

The comment that customers don’t have a web site may be 100% true (I’m sure some do), but it is the customers that use the internet (I believe you said 86% somewhere else, open to correction), who will be looking at your website, and reading your content, and making a decision on using your business or joe blow’s business, I am guessing they will be using the person who has written the for me the customer and not just to impress some nameless influencer.

Maybe I have lost the plot, lets all just forget the customer, and close the doors now.