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Roman K, post: 263862, member: 72542 wrote:
Making animated videos is HARD WORK, I created an online course with about 50 videos with exciting animation but it took about 3 months for 2 people, and 1 person was editing videos and animations all the time FULL TIME.

To answer your questions:

1.find ways to animate static pictures (for example Powerpoint) or find online service, we use Powerpoint, then embed them into a video editing software

2. We use Adobe tools for video editing

3. You can hire a voice over talent. Go to fiverr or elsewhere, but it’s expensive and takes time to communicate, I would try it first, then if it’s working I would build a reliable system to keep videos going

4. They do, I personally hate it and people are sceptical, any machine voice would often be considered as scam without even watching the whole video

5. Justify creating videos cause the process is EXTREMELY slow, alternaitively, do low production videos from your smart phone without animations and bells and whistles. Get your message out there first to see if it works before investing a day of your time in perfecting videos. I wasted years of time doing that in the past. It is painful.

Hope that helps

Thank You heaps for your detailed reply.

1. I 100% agree with you about monetisation of these videos – I want to start this as a side gig and see if it takes off.

2. What is your opinion about Videoscribe or similar software?

3. One of the reasons, I want to make animated videos cause I believe it will maintain my privacy.

4. (My biggest burning question is) What is the option if I do not want to use my voice? If I hire someone from Fivver that person may not be available for my next video and it will lose consistency. As you said text to speech may sound not-genuine.