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Roman K
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New2Biz, post: 263900, member: 111213 wrote:
2. What is your opinion about Videoscribe or similar software?

3. One of the reasons, I want to make animated videos cause I believe it will maintain my privacy.

4. (My biggest burning question is) What is the option if I do not want to use my voice? If I hire someone from Fivver that person may not be available for my next video and it will lose consistency. As you said text to speech may sound not-genuine.

2. Not sure, never used it.

3. I respect your privacy but read the 5 Top Regrets Of The Dying People. We only live one life. Go for your dreams, don’t hide from someone, years pass by fast. Apologies if this one is too philosophical.

4. I was worried about things like that years ago until I realized how much time those worries take. I used to be a perfectionist but not anymore. Personally I wouldn’t worry about consistency at all. Have you proved those videos will make you at least a dollar? If not, your number one goal must be making one video, launching it and testing with 0 dollars in 24 hours. Do whatever it takes to prove your idea first before attempting to perfect the details if at all.