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Dave – FS Concierge
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Hey [USER=113531]@Killer cruzer[/USER],

There’s no getting a business plan right the first time. Your first plan will be a lot of guesses, but it’ll get you started. Then along the way you’ll revise it based on what you learn about the product and your customers.

I would write a plan for making one bike and finding your first customer. You’ll learn a lot from that and can then make a plan for selling 5 (and so on). Then when you have a product and a way to sell it, you can think about building a business around it.

Try Googling “1 page business plan” and find something that suits.
Government sites are another place you can start: http://www.business.vic.gov.au/setting-up-a-business/how-to-start-a-business/write-a-business-plan

Good luck!