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Jason Ramage
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JamesMillar, post: 263960, member: 5318 wrote:
I’m going to throw out a red herring here (extreme as it sounds).

1. I am not an expert in breach of artistic rights but breach of copyright may in some cases be a criminal offence in Australia (not sure of indictable in exreme cases or not)

2. Most of these music services offer consumer licensing only which means any commercial use is outside the license. Is that a copyright infringement? EG https://support.spotify.com/no/using_spotify/the_basics/use-spotify-in-my-bar-restaurant-store-school-etc/

3. Finally to the tax deduction ..you cannot claim tax deductions for illegal activity. ITAA 1997 Sect 26.54

Great alternatively viewpoint.. shops and commercial usage require specific licensing, from what i know you can not even technically play a radio in your retail shop due to licensing requirements…

1. here is some basic licensing costs: http://apraamcos.com.au/music-customers/licence-types/retail/

2. licence types: http://apraamcos.com.au/music-customers/licence-types/

3. pdf overview: http://apraamcos.com.au/media/Customers/PEG_Retail.pdf

Although OP did not say they didnt have a license, if they dont, it may pay to investigate this first.. If license is in order, claiming should not be an issue.


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