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Hi Alex,

What I can say is… You can diagnose your own medical issues via webMD, or you can see a general practitioner or specialist if you require. If you were going to have an eye surgery, would you go to the surgeon that provides a buy 1 eye get 2nd free? Or one that is a specialist with mountains of knowledge but charges the dearest price?

What I’m trying to say is, custom brokers specialist in that field and know the process inside out. They also require a licence. I believe you can clear it yourself (not sure if your goods are commercial, this may affect it). However for their peace of mind and solving all your issues, it’s much more worthwhile. Your time if more often than not better spent elsewhere making money rather than trying to save money. If you are really concerned, you should go and attempt to obtain a Customs brokering licence, which is extremely difficult.

We move mass freight (FCL containers). Not a single person clears customs themself, but ofcourse this is at a commercial level. More often than not some companies like DHL offer in house custom clearance, but often they aren’t too familiar with your freight and may be charging a higher duty rate.